June 2017

Parlement Citoyen

The Parliament of the Wallonia-Bruxelles Federation (WEF) recently launched a participatory initiative called ”Citizen Parliament”, in charge of debating, exchanging ideas and offering its vision for the future of Europe.

The end of Roaming in the EU

As from 15 June, mobile users travelling to other EU countries will be able to call, text or surf the net without paying any extra charges. What does this achievement mean?


Folkemødet or the People’s Political Festival every year attracts up to 90 % of Danish parliamentarians, all party leaders, plenty of mayors and local politicians and not least 25.000 citizens every day in four days. The Folkemøde on Bornholm has become the centre for political dialogue, for lobbying and for discussions between civil society organisations, public services and the politicians in Denmark.

Pulse of Europe

Pulse of Europe started in Frankfurt to encourage European citizens to speak out publicly in favour of a pan-European identity. Pulse of Europe wants a united, democratic Europe and wants to form a chain of people connecting Germany, France and Netherlands. Every Sunday Pulse of Europe organises demonstrations in around 40 European cities.

May 2017

Macron's Proposal on Democratic Conventions

The newly elected French president has as a priority in his Vision for Europe to organise democratic conventions in all EU member states with the goal to develop a roadmap for the future of Europe and the policies it should adopt. In his Vision for Europe Macron is strongly in favour of a multi speed Europe with a Eurozone Parliament, and a Eurozone Finance Minister.

Freedom March in Poland

(by EPF supporter Konrad Niklewicz

On May 6th, almost almost 100.000 marched through Warsaw. At Civic Platform’s initiative, representatives of all major opposition forces were present. Their leaders took the stage at the end of the Freedom March. It showed that different parts of opposition can be united by a common goal: willingness to preserve a truly democratic, pro-European Republic of Poland.