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Glimpses of Europe

Glimpses of Europe offers you information, written both by EPF and other organisations or supporters, about exciting new initiatives and organisations, events you might not have heard about and new policy visions, which all prioritise to involve citizens in improving democracy at European and national level.  

April 2020


Citizens Looking for Multidimensional Migration Challenges (CITIMIG)

Europe’s Peoples’ Forum is an active partner in this 18 months project that has been co-financed by the Europe for Citizens programme. The project aims to promote citizen participation in the EU policy-making process regarding migration from different perspectives such as economic, security and environmental among others. The goal is to gather experts, citizens and political leaders to discuss, give their views and achieve a policy briefing together. Following this strategy, the project aims to be innovative, inclusive and interactive.

The project will involve citizens in the EU policy-making process and encourage them to take active role in initiating policy actions. Bringing at one table political leaders, experts and citizens, presenting each other their views on policies and measures, elaborating each aspect within small working groups, involving them in intense discussions, we wish them to come to conclusions what should best serve to citizens as well as to the future of Europe. With the project, we will enhance the bottom-up approach, empower citizens to better understand the EU policy-making process, foster mutual cooperation between citizens, raise the level of societal engagement and offer an open space for drafting policy proposals for better and common European politics.

Project partners

Paneuropean Movement Austria(lead partner)

Slovenian Paneuropean Movement

Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium

Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association, Spain

Europe's Peoples' Forum, Denmark

Paneuropean Union Montenegro

University of Catania, Italy

Institute of Advanced Studies, Hungary

Paneuropean Union Hungary

ESDES – Lyon Business School, France

March 2020


Platforms for citizens engagement: is a civic, European and independent initiative that aims to engage citizens in the improvement of society by collective action and participation in order to improve a democratic weakening. In order to achieve this aim, uses three different operations: causes, debates and engagement consultations using a consensus approach. 

By creating a causes operation this organisation aims to transform society directly through civil society by gathering institutions, citizens, businesses and the media in a program that gives voice to topics that are of interest to society. 

Regarding the debates, wants to transform institutions and democracy by the citizens. One of their most prominent consultations has been WeEuropeans, in which 10 proposals were prioritised by citizens in 27 member states and presented as means to improve European citizens’ democracy. 38 million citizens were reached by the communication campaign and 1.7 million participated.

In the engagement consultations, aims to transform businesses and administrations by their employees and by citizens by making projects that facilitate a positive development of businesses and administrations. 

Simplified the methodology of publishes a small article illustrating the topic of discussion and encouraging the participants to bring up new proposals that everybody is invited to prioritise by voting through the website. The results are then presented to the relevant decision makers and to citizens that are invited to submit their comments.  

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Cap Collectif:

Funded in 2008, Cap Collectif aims to confront the crisis of a shaking democracy. In order to do so, this organisation built a digital platform in which they draft transparent and inclusive law. By making this law transparent and inclusive, Cap Collectif includes both politicians and citizens in this drafting, hence creating a citizens parliament.

Their first experiment was Parliament & Citizens, a platform that allowed the collaborative elaboration of the law by members of Parliament and citizens. This platform lunched different consultations in which citizens can participate and vote.

Their methodology consists on collecting participatory applications on questionnaires, online consultations, call for projects, ideas box and more. Since this initiative started, Cap Collectif has already more than 2 million contributions, more than 1 million participants, more than 3 million votes and more than 800 projects

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May 2018

New Democracy platforms



The Parliament for one of three Belgian regions – Wallonia -  in 2018 will establish a new platform to engage the citizens in development of the regional politics under the name “A decree made by all, a decree made for all” To develop proposals within different themes the vision is for the parliament to make a collective research for ideas to develop good solutions and decrees. When the process of consulting citizens has come to an end a synthesis will be made of the most supported proposals before the members of the Wallonia Parliament and perhaps some of the engaged citizens will meet and discuss the draft of a final decree. The two first themes up for deliberative discussion are:

  • How can we strengthen local shopping structures?
  • How can we achieve a zero long term unemployment?


Similar approaches are used in towns as for example Nivelles in Belgium, where citizens can engage through a local online platform.


In January, the Danish Parliament introduced a new tool for direct democracy enabling Danish citizens to put an item of interest on the parliamentary agenda, if 50.000 people support it on the website Each proposal must be written in Danish and has to be in compliance with the Danish Constitution and may not be offensive or discriminatory in any way. A proposal will be posted on the website for 180 days and if it manages to get 50.000 supporters, one of the political parties behind the citizens’ initiative can choose to present the proposal in the Plenary Hall.  The three most supported proposals are to:

  • Let the conditions for pensions of ministers follow the traditional labour market rules
  • Allow citizens to pass more than one academic education – still free of charge
  • Introduce a minimum age of 18 for circumcision no matter sex or cultural and religious background of parents.   

April 2018

Europe at work

Niels Jørgen Thøgersen, a founder and first president of Europe's People's Forum has established a blog with the aim to give concrete, factual information about important European projects.  Not about future plans, but about what is already happening.  The articles are very short, with illustrations when relevant.

The blog is edited on basis of Niels Jørgen Thøgersen's conviction, that working together is winning together

July 2017

Your voice in Europe

Every time the European Commission works on new policy initiative or revises existing legislation, it launches a round of public consultations. YOUR VOICE IN EUROPE is the portal which gathers all the proposals and makes them public once the consultations are closed.

Mana Balss

Created in 2011, is an online platform which gives Latvia's people the opportunity to influence the national law making process by suggesting new policy ideas and presenting them to the Parliament.