Former and Present Ministers of Foreign and European Affairs


Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark (1982-93), Former President of European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Parties (1995-2000)

Lene Espersen​, former Minister for Foreign Affairs (2010-11), for Economic and Business Affaires (2008-10) and for Justice (2001-08) of Denmark 

​Bertel Haarder, former. Minister of Culture and Church (2015-6), Interior and Health (2010-1), Education, Church and Nordic Cooperation (2005-10), Integration and Development (2004-5), Integration and European Affairs (2001-4), Education and Research (1987-93), Education (1982-7), President Nordic Council (2011), Vice President European Parliament (1997-9), Vice Chairman ELDR (1999-2001). 

Nick Hækkerup,  Minister for Health and Prevention (2014-5), Trade and European Affairs of Denmark (2013-4), Defense (2011-3), 

Martin Lidegaard, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark (2014-15) and Climate, Energy and Building (2011-14)

Mogens Lykketoft, former President of UN General Assembly, (2015-16) former Speaker of Danish Parliament (2011-15),,Minister for Foreign Affairs (2000-1) and for Finance of Denmark (1993-2000).

Per Stig Møller, ​former Minister for Foreign Affairs (2001-10) and for Culture and Church (2010-11), Denmark and for Environment (1990-93), 

Holger K. Nielsen, ​former Minister of Taxation (2012-3), and for Foreign Affairs of Denmark (2013-4)

Kjeld Olesen, ​Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark (1979-82), for Public Works (1977-8), and for Defence (1971-73)

Villy Søvndal, former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark (2011-3)


Pär Stenbäck, former Minister for Foreign Affairs (1982-3), for Education (1979-82) of Finland

Alexander Stubb, Prime Minister (2014-15), Minister.for Foreign and European affairs (2008-14)​​


Sandro Gozi, Secretary of State for European Affairs of Italy (2014 -)

The Netherlands

Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, Deputy Prime Minister (2005-6), Minister for Economic Affairs (2003-6) and Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (1973-77)


Radosław Tomasz Sikorski, Marshal of the Sejm (2014-15), Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland (2007-14), for  National Defense (2005-7)


Margarida Marquez, Secretary of State for European Affairs of Portugal (2015 -)