TTT n. 7


TTT n°7 focuses on the democracy and citizens' perspective of Eurozone integration, the Social Pillar, perspectives of the so-called populist movements, EU funding as a way of strengthening rule of law, Management of refugees and migration, Schengen, German defence industry, Western Balkans relations with EU, the European Defence Fund, the health of the Visegrad economies and the question how Corbyn could keep UK in the EU. Our selections of articles are:

  • Can the big idea of EU integration become reality? by Judy Dempsey (Carnegie Europe)
  • A new deal for the eurozone: Remedy or placebo? by Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska (CER)
  • Progressive reforms for rebalancing the Eurozone by Manuel de La Rocha Vàzquez, David Rinaldi & Victor Echevarría (FEPS)
  • The European Pillar of Social Rights in historical perspective by Philippe Pochet (NETUF)
  • European social rights need more than a proclamation: Recommendations for an ambitious social summit by Claire Dheret (EPC)
  • Increase trust to stem the rise of populist movements by Gylfi Zoega (Vox EU)
  • How we can reframe the debate about Europe’s populist threat  by Richard Youngs (EUROPP BLOG)
  • Can EU funds promote the rule of law in Europe? by Jasna Šelih, Ian Bond & Carl Dolan (CER)
  • Preserving or Strengthening Schengen? by Marie de Somer (EPC)
  • How the EU and third countries can manage migration by Luigi Scazzieri & John Springford (CER)
  • End the Silence Over Germany’s Defense Industry  by Claudia Major & Christian Mölling (Carnegie Europe)
  • Western Balkans, still one foot in and one foot out by Francesco Angelone (Mediterranean affairs)
  • Strategic Autonomy and the European Defence Fund by Vincenzo Camporini, Keith Hartley, Dick Zandee & Jean-Pierre Maulny (Cligendael)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina, the influence of the Gulf states on economics and politics by Giustina Selvelli (Mediterranean affairs)
  • All is not well in the Visegrad economies by Simon Tilford (CER)
  • How Corbyn Could Keep Britain in the EU by Peter Kellner (Carnegie Europe)

Think Tank Thoughts 7 (pdf)