TTT n. 9


In TTT n°9  Europe’s People’s Forum has selected various think tanks’ articles focused on themes that we find most current and interesting for the activists, politicians and connoisseurs engaged in the policies of the European Union. Our selections of articles are:

  • How to reconcile risk sharing and market discipline in the euro area (CEPR) 

  • Digital health: How can the EU help make the most out of it? by Simona Guagliardo (EPC)   
  • Europe needs a Social Pact for the Energy Transition by Sofia Fernandes & Thomas Pellerin-Carlin (Jacques Delors Institute) 
  • Blockchain and Trade: Not a Fix for Brexit, but Could Revolutionise Global Value Chains (If Governments Let It) by Nicolas Botton (ECIPE)
  • Baby Boomers vs. millennials and the new politics of intergenerational Fairness by Kate Alexander Shaw (FEPS) 
  • En Marche l'Europe? - A strategy to implement democratic conventions by Corina Stratulat, Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer & Paul Butcher (EPC)   
  • The Missing Dimension in Rule of Law Policy by Adriaan Schout & Michiel Luining (Cligendeal) 
  • Liberal internationalism: historical trajectory and current prospects by Beate Jahn (Chatman House) 

  • Vulnerable and voiceless in the move: Unaccompanied child migrants in the EU by Enza Roberta Petrillo (FEPS)

  • People on the move: migration and mobility in the European Union  by Uuriintuya Batsaikhan, Zsolt Darvas & Inês Gonçalves Raposo(Bruegel) 
  • A decisive year for the EU’s re-engagement with the Western Balkans by Erwan Fouéré (CEPS)


  • Opportunities amid disorder: Europe and the world in 2018 (ECFR),
  • Brexit: What if Britain changes its mind? by Andrew Duff (EPC),   
  • Ukraine’s Youth: Politically Disinterested and Low Trust in the EU by Gwendolyn Sasse (Carnegie Europe)

Think Tank Thoughts 9 (pdf)